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The Consortium Deutscher Baumschulen (CDB) is a cooperation of 9 German dendro-rootstock producing tree nurseries.
The dwarfing GiSelA rootstocks for sweet cherries bred by Prof. Werner Gruppe and Prof. Hanna Schmidt at Giessen university were transferred to the Consortium in 1981. It was and is the aim to exploit this comprehensive breeding material and to introduce the best clones into the worldwide modern cherry industry.
In 1996 the CDB added the dwarfing PIKU cherry rootstocks from Pillnitz, Dresden, to its programme.
Since 1995 the Pyrus rootstock "PYRODWARF", bred in Geisenheim, is included.
With Myruni and Wavit the CDB offers two promising rootstocks for plums.

Management Claus Hildebrand
Hauptstrasse 21
D-25474 Ellerbek
Phone ++49-4101 - 36 98 05
Fax ++49-04101 - 36 96 83

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